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Bluetooth Multi-functional Smart Mobile Phone Tablet

May. 12, 2022

With the promotion of mobile information technology and the development of 4G mobile communication technology, the problems of lack of application of mobile terminals and single mode of functions in government and enterprise units have become increasingly prominent, limiting the progress of mobile information management in government and enterprises. Break through the bottleneck of mobile information terminal application and improve the mobile information management mode. Enterprises and institutions commonly used mobile terminals, the lack of professional government and enterprise data collection capabilities, can not meet the needs of personalized data acquisition applications; drop-proof performance of less than industry applications, easy to use broken; life short , Limiting the continuous use of government and enterprises for more than 8 hours.

Bluetooth Multi-functional Smart Mobile Phone Tablet

In response to the development needs of government and enterprise units, Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies has jointly launched a set of mobile information management solutions in conjunction with the mobile tablet solution provider. Through the multi-function mobile phone Bluetooth + smart phone tablet and the application of government and enterprise APP software, achieve mobile office, improve efficiency.

1, the hardware with: Bluetooth multi-functional mobile phone back + smart phone tablet

A, mobile phone multi-function Bluetooth back clip: function can be customized (RFID reader, bar code scanning), fill the phone, tablet short board; recyclable, not limited to models, card sets are free to replace, adaptable Various upgrades of the phone / tablet, greatly reducing the cost of updating; Charging treasure function, built-in 1500mAh battery, to extend the mobile work time; adaptable to all kinds of upgraded phones / tablets, greatly reducing the cost of updating

B, smart phone tablet: the hardware configuration is high, the software runs smoothly; 4G network fast, timely and smooth collaboration with the background more timely and easy; large screen size, good control experience; update iteration speed, select more, the price of the People First, the implementation of low cost.

2, software configuration, Bluetooth transmission data

In the mobile phone / tablet installation of corporate applications related to the application of APP software, with the Bluetooth function to connect mobile multi-function Bluetooth back clip, and build data transmission bridge.

Through the smart phone screen + multi-function data acquisition back clip, to achieve the government and enterprise mobile information technology needs, and make up the phone / tablet in the data acquisition of the short board, which greatly enhances the flexibility of customers to choose intelligent terminals and save the project implementation The cost effectively prevented customers from having to implement step-by-step and follow-up due to concerns that mobile / tablet updates are fast and ubiquitous.

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