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What are the functions of the three-proof handheld PDA terminal?

Aug. 10, 2022

Today, let's take a look at the three-proof handheld PDA terminal. So what is a handheld PDA terminal? This terminal refers to a portable handheld device with functions such as communication, storage and positioning, camera phone, and Bluetooth network data collection. It has three-proof function, drop-proof, dust-proof and waterproof. It has been widely used in industrial scenes. It is a handheld terminal designed for industrial scene environment with high stability, reliability and anti-interference. Quickly transfer data back to the system. The current handheld PDA terminal also integrates functions such as barcode recognition, barcode reading and QR code scanning. With the handheld PDA terminal, the work efficiency of the enterprise can be greatly improved.


What are the functions of the three-proof handheld PDA terminal?


1. Function Introduction

As various industries become more and more refined, the integrated functions of handheld PDA terminals are also increasing, in order to meet the requirements of customers in different environments. The common handheld PDA terminal has the functions of identification, 4G/5G communication GPS positioning, Bluetooth communication and WiFi.


2. Applications

Many industries use mobile data collector for work, such as power inspection, scenic spot management, medical care, logistics and express delivery, and clothing industry. The handheld PDA terminal can play a great role in the power inspection work, which can collect data, arrange the lines, and effectively monitor the working status. It can help staff scientifically manage power equipment and reduce management costs and operating costs.

3. How to choose a handheld PDA terminal?

When choosing a handheld PDA terminal, you should start from the aspects of ease of carrying, stability of transmission performance, bar code recognition ability, sturdiness and durability. Factors such as the market response of the manufacturer's brand word of mouth should also be considered. Users should determine the performance of the three-proof handheld PDA terminal according to their actual needs, and then choose a trustworthy brand. You can make small-scale purchases first to make sure that most of them are suitable for the needs of the enterprise, and then make large-scale purchases.


Choosing the right three-proof handheld PDA terminal can help enterprises improve efficiency and reduce costs. Rakinda's S6 series handheld PDAs are a good choice, with standard Android 10, processor Cortex A73 2.0GHz octa-core, optional 1D, 2D, LF, HF, UHF. Rakinda is specialized in automatic identification industry for 21 years, with rich experience, reliable R&D team, and perfect pre-sale and after-sale mechanism. You can buy with confidence.

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