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Embedded Scanning Module for Intelligent Microwave Oven

Jan. 24, 2018

In the just concluded China Household Electrical Appliances and Consumer Electronics Show, a barcode scanner microwave oven to attract public attention! According to the Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies learned in depth, this is a known traceability of microwave ovens, embedded barcode scanning module, can identify the barcode of food packaging, awareness of this food, and according to the type of food automatically bring up the best Cooking time and firepower to prevent users from setting their own unconventional cooking parameters based on unconventional cooking to ensure the best cooking conditions to achieve true intelligent cooking.

When the user is heating the food, the bar code attached to the bar code reading window, so that the barcode scanning module reads the bar code information and match the cooking parameters, and then placed in the oven cavity food, close the door; then smart microwave oven Food heating will be done automatically based on the bar code heating information.

Embedded Scanning Module for Intelligent Microwave Oven

In this intelligent application, the embedded barcode scanning module is like the "golden eye" of an intelligent microwave oven, which fully displays its own barcode automatic identification, acquisition and real-time transmission functions to achieve fast matching of food bar codes and intelligent cooking parameters.

As a barcode automatic identification brand experts, Shenzhen Rakinda Technology introduced LV3096 embedded barcode scanning module . The module uses a superior decoding chip, read strong performance, compact appearance is very suitable for embedded smart coffee machines, smart microwave oven, smart bread machine and other appliances.

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